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Our Products

Spice Diamond 3g - 2012 LEGAL FORMULATION

The smoothest blend on the market. Not only is this our "flagship" product, it's also the worlds biggest selling and most replicated herbal smoking blend OF ALL TIME.

The base is smooth, light and fluffy with a wonderful aroma of fresh grapes; the effect it has when burned is simply, pure perfection. If you are new to Herbal Incense or a seasoned veteran, Spice Diamond is the ultimate in relaxation and luxury.

Spice Gold 3g- 2012 LEGAL FORMULATION

Spice Gold was our second biggest seller. It has been copied by many companies in NZ, The USA and AU. We are pleased to announce Spice Gold is back. 100% legal (like all our blends), Spice Gold is for the experienced incense enthusiast and really packs a punch.

Not as long lasting as Spice Diamond, but a lot more intense. Spice Gold has a lovely base and a relaxing scent of blueberries to tempt the senses. Truly one of the best products ever to have been created.

Spice Ultimate 1.5g (available 17/12/12) - 2012 LEGAL FORMULATION

Spice Ultimate, the best of the best.

Never before released, this blend is so unique it took us months just to decide on a base. This is a blend never before seen, anywhere.

A smooth, potent aroma, and extremely long lasting. This is as good, if not better than what was, Spice Diamond back in 2009. This product will be released just before Christmas 2012. It is going to be massive when it launches, and will be limited to 30,000 units. Yes, it will cost a little more (for less product), but for what you are getting, it is MORE THAN WORTH IT.


"This is the best smelling blend with the most intense aroma since... ever. Well done"      - Greg, Western Australia, AU

"Spice is back, got the sample, now I am so upset it's not up for sale yet. This is the best thing since Kronic"      - Jenny, New South Wales, AU

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